Welcome To Road Runner

2020 Has been an interesting year so far for everyone. At RoadRunner it is a new beginning. With Brandon Nelson being named the new owner of RoadRunner, changes are starting to take place with the help of Kyle Emery, long time Admin of the community, and Wyatt Corneillie, a newly instated Admin. Its been a tough road to this point, but we are looking to start over. Not much has been happening throughout this community recently, but that is about to change. At the end of 2019 we decided to get going on something new and fresh. The street stocks seemed to be the way to go. And then iRacing threw a curve-ball...the 1987 Monte Carlo and Thunderbird were announced. We are proud to announce the next series here at Road Runner! The Classic Cup Series! We have been busy recruiting and hope to get the ball rolling June 2020. Hope to see you there!