Welcome To Road Runner

The Road Runner Community was established in 2016 by Boyd Hoggan. The original league was run on Xbox and was known to have the best racing on NASCAR Heat Evolution. In 2018 a portion of the members moved over to iRacing and continued to show their incredible talent and passion for racing. Since then the community has grown to include some of the greatest current sim racers.

New league owner

Boyd Hoggan has passed on the ownership to the Road Runner Community and League over to Brandon Nelson this past month. Brandon is already a co-owner of Red River Valley iRacing League and is excited to take on the single series league here at Road Runner. Brandon said, "I am honored that Boyd decided to hand the ownership over to me. I am excited to see who we can bring into the league and have some fun racing!" The admins and the community are excited to see what Brandon has to offer the league and the community as a whole.