Top Split League

Well it's been a long time coming, still a lot of work left to go, but we are proud to announce it's officially happening, the first innagural Top Split open series is being formed.

A few weeks back we put out some feelers and with an overwhelmingly positive response and 20+ signups in the first few hours, it became clear it's time for a real genuine top split series, we all miss those long green flag runs in NiS we don't seem to get anymore, so it's time to bring that back, just better.

The idea of the Top Split League is to get back to the competetive but clean nature of true top split open setup racing and to make the team aspect more important than ever, with team championships aswell as a drivers championship along with cash prizes and ofcourse broadcasted live on a network TBA.

The league will go Sunday nights at 8 pm est (potential move, there WILL be a preference vote on all sign-ups)

We will follow along with the NiS/A open schedule with a few twists and turns along the way

More details coming soon!

*MINIMUM 3,000 iRating to participate*